The Artist's Origin ---

People have asked me...

"Who is your favorite artist?"

They are puzzled to hear my response of...

"I don't have one."

The fact that I did not study art is in some form the genius behind my designs. I am not copying a famous artist. I am not mimicking a famous artist's style. I am simply me.

My artisan journey began as a woodworker. My family has along history of craftsman and I picked up the traits and skills helping my father growing up. The talent laid dormant for close to a decade. When I purchased my first house I turned a part of the garage into a workshop to build cabinets, shelving, etc. for the house. 

I came across the look of Industrial Design but I wanted a softer feel, then I found Steampunk. The blend of brass into the equation was a game-changer for me. It caused me to think outside the box. 

The Artist's Inspiration ---

The number one question I get asked....

"How do you come up with your designs?"

My response is always the same...

"How do you breathe?"

Then the person will typically look at me with a strange expression as though they are unsure if I am asking them a riddle or if I am serious. 

I create in the same manner that everyone breathes. It simply happens. I may find inspiration in a movie scene, walking through a garden, or simply in a sentence that someone says to me. Is that anti-climactic? That is the reality in which we all live. Creativity comes from the passion inside of us. If we try to fight it, we deprive ourselves and everyone around us of the beauty that could be. 

I did not study art in school. Both of my MBAs are based in mathematics. The logic behind my vision makes zero sense. Most people are either left-brain or right brain thinkers, but I am fortunate to be both. As a left-brain thinker, I focus on the intent of my art and how organized and methodical I should be in my approach to my business. As a right brain thinker, I am a mad scientist with no bounds to my imagination. My ideas are constantly evolving from one creation to another. 

"What other materials could I blend in my designs to create a truly unique feel?" I began using fabrics, decorative metals, crystals and brass in conjunction with poplar which is my preferred species of wood. 

Then I discovered the movement of upcycling. I was so drawn to the create avenues possible with this concept that I began using all sorts of items, large and small in my designs. Some items like old watches I tend to leave in their natural beauty but most items I will add layers of finish and texturing to give it new life as a new object. This creative blend is what causes people to struggle with placing my designs in a category.

The final aspect of my creative origin was my extensive studying of naturally distressed items. I see such beauty in the color palette that comes with the aging of a material. I am drawn to the complexity which caused me to study thousands of photos taken in Europe to see how things naturally age. I use this knowledge to put careful detail and consideration to "how" I distress the materials used in my designs. 

Bond --- Quality Control Manager

Fiona --- Office Manager